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Dating Rules for Local Sex

According to latest research, one in five relationships in the UK started online, and over 9 million of us have a profile on a dating website. Promising numbers, it seems.

However, it’s not all lucky in love for everyone. If you are finding the prospect of online dating daunting/alien/cumbersome/depressing, whether you’re a dab hand at the online dating game or are a complete novice, it might be worth taking heed of the latest modern-day mantra when it comes to dating rules – there aren’t any.

Traditionally, "The Rules" as they are infamously known liked to dictate the dos and don’ts of the dating process to ensure success, and are rather prescriptive as to what these include. But a new way of approaching the whole dating scene is providing a refreshing, and altogether more modern view, of what these rules should, or rather, shouldn’t be.

Dating rules that can be disregarded include don’t have sex on the first date, never date a colleague, don’t talk politics or religion on a first date, date an age-appropriate someone and men and women can’t be friends. Now do these ‘rules’ open up more possibilities you may have previously disregarded?

If so, consider these also. Be yourself – do not play up or down certain characteristics because you think the other person might find you more interesting if you do. If you don’t like golf, don’t say you do just to generate something in common.

Don’t date anyone who earns a significantly lower wage than you, unless you are willing to either pay for everything or change your lifestyle completely.

Don’t underestimate the importance of chemistry – trust it, even if you don’t seem to have a lot in common initially. The rest will follow in time.

And finally, be willing to take a risk, even if there is a possibility of it not going your way. No risk, no reward, after all, and some of the most exciting times can be had by taking a leap into the unknown.